Chalmers Tekniska Hoegskola AB


Chalmers University is a college of engineering and science located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The college has roughly 12,000 undergraduate students and it offers degrees in many subjects including mechanical engineering and marine engineering. Chalmers has around 1,300 PhD students.

The HERCULES-C research will be conducted within the Institution for Applied Mechanics, Division of Combustion. The Division of Combustion conducts research on internal combustion engines with a special focus on fuel sprays and direct injected engines. There are 14 PhD students and 20 senior researchers (research engineers, post-docs, and faculty). Roughly half of the research is in the area of simulations and the other half is related to experiments. The division has six engine labs with heavy duty and light duty diesel engines (single-cylinder with endoscope access and multi-cylinder) and with gasoline engines ((single-cylinder optical engine and multi-cylinder). It also has a high pressure and temperature spray research chamber and a multitude of optical diagnostic equipment.

The division also hosts a Swedish competence center called the Combustion Engine Research Center (CERC). CERC is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, industry (primarily Volvo Powertrain, Volvo Car, SAAB, Scania, and ABB), and Chalmers. There are three such competence centers in Sweden, and Chalmers special niche area is to study transient fuel sprays and to develop advanced measurement techniques for them. Collaboration with several Chalmers initiatives has included work on exhaust gas treatment with the Competence Center for Catalysis and development of a new hybrid electric vehicle lab.

Chalmers Tekniska Hoegskola AB