Danfoss IXA AS


Danfoss IXA A/S specializes in optical sensors for gasses and environmental parameters in harsh

environments and applications, technology development, product development, entrepreneurship, innovation, and IPR, and develops, produces, and sells state of the art optical sensors for environmental and emissions parameters in harsh environments

Core business and primary markets are within marine and industrial environments including combustion gasses and related areas.

Danfoss IXA A/S was spun out from Danfoss A/S as a completely separate legal entity in 2009. Ownership is shared by Danfoss A/S, Bitten and Mads Clausens Foundation, CAL GmbH, Knudsens Holding ApS and company management.

Present staff includes 10 people 7 of which is in Technology and R&D.

Danfoss IXA AS
: Denmark
URL: www.danfoss.com/ixa