M. Jurgensen GmbH & Co KG


MJ is a OEM-manufacturer of cylinder liners for medium speed 4-stroke diesel and gas engines and reciprocating compressors. Our main customers are the engine makers in this particular field all over the world. As an independent privately owned company with 310 employees we see us as the market leader in this area. MJ has its own foundry and machining shop for cylinder liners. We have developed our own casting and machining technology to achieve best quality and lowest scrap rate. We are located in Sörup near Flensburg in the northern part of Germany. Our premises has a total area of 50,000 m².

The foundry has an annual output of 17,000 tons. We are producing 26,000 cylinder liners and 16,000 anti polishing rings per year. Our export ratio is more than 75 %.

M. Jurgensen GmbH & Co KG
URL: www.m-juergensen.de