Paul Scherrer Institut


The Paul Scherrer Institute is a centre for multi-disciplinary research and one of the world's leading user laboratories for synchrotron radiation & particle physics. PSI belongs as an autonomous institution to the Swiss ETH domain and concentrates its activities on solid-state research and materials sciences, elementary particle physics, energy and environmental research as well as biology and medicine. PSI employs 1400 members of staff, making it the largest of the national research institutions – and the only one of its kind within Switzerland. It develops, builds and operates complex large-scale research facilities that impose particularly high requirements in terms of knowledge, experience and professionalism. PSI is one of the world's leading user laboratories for the national and international scientific community.

The group Combustion Technologies of the Combustion Research Laboratory performs studies on low emission combustion techniques for gas turbine applications and internal combustion engines. Special emphasis is given to the use of non-intrusive optical measurement techniques (laser spectroscopy) for the characterization of high temperature/high pressure processes (flow velocity, temperature, species).

Paul Scherrer Institut